Mission Statement

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It is the philosophy of the Rural Nevada Counseling that chemical dependency is a chronic yet treatable disease. Accordingly, Rural Nevada Counseling has adopted a community-based approach centered upon the public health model of addressing chronic treatable diseases. Such an approach is founded upon primary prevention such as encouraging lifestyle changes in the community that will reduce the incidence of the disease, secondary prevention such as enhanced community awareness of the disease process to facilitate early intervention in the disease stages, and tertiary prevention in the form of assuring that treatment resources are available to all members of the community affected.

Rural Nevada Counseling provides groups and services in the following locations: 720 South Main Street, Suite C Yerington, NV 89447 (775) 463-6597. Sierra Meadows Business Plaza 415 Highways 95A, Suite 501 Fernley, NV 89408 (775) 575-6191. 120 Pike Street Dayton, NV 89403 (775) 246-6214. 3595 US-50, Suite 2. Silver Springs, NV 89429 (775) 575-6191