Mission Statement

It is the philosophy of Rural Nevada Counseling that Substance Use Disorders and Behavioral Health Diagnosis are chronic yet treatable diseases. Accordingly, Rural Nevada Counseling has adopted an approach centered on the National Institute of Drug Addiction’s 13 Principles of Effective Treatment. As we move forward with the treatment we understand that no single treatment is appropriate for all, treatment needs to be readily available, effective treatment attends to multiple needs and not just substance abuse. Treatment plans are individualized and the more time spent in treatment is critical to effective treatment. Group, individual and behavioral health counseling is crucial to effective treatment and medications are an essential element for successful treatment for many. It is crucial that mental health and substance abuse be treated concurrently. Medical detoxification is only a first step, treatment does not need to be voluntary to be effective, and monitoring for drug use is essential. As well, Rural Nevada Counseling identifies with the principle that communicable disease testing and education is part of the process of recovery. Long-term recovery can result in many treatment episodes, and relapse is many times a part of the process. Relapse, though it is not the desired outcome needs to be met with open doors to return to the sober community and return to recovery. Lifestyle changes will reduce the incidence of relapse. Peer Support is an absolute and community awareness of the disease process, as well as treatment process, needs to be understood by all to reduce stigma and allow for healing to take place. It is clear that an individual cannot succeed unless their basic needs are met to help arrest the disease process, especially in early recovery. Rural Nevada Counseling understands this and works to move individuals through the complete continuum of care from pre-contemplation to self-sustaining recovery.